Why You Can’t Have it All…Right Now

Have you ever been told that you could “have it all”?

Maybe your parents told you or that salesman trying to get you to buy that new car or that person you follow on Instagram that seems to live a fairytale life.

What is “it all” anyway?

Maybe someone has told you (or you have told yourself)…

“You can totally have kids and continue to work, travel, and socialize like nothing has changed.”

“I should be able to buy a house, a car, go on vacation, or buy that new pair of shoes whenever I feel like it.”

“Go ahead and put that purchase on that credit card or take out another loan – you deserve it!”

“I work hard, why shouldn’t I have nice things?”

“Why does that person over there seem to always be doing fun and exciting things, when will that be me?!”

Everyone has a different dream or goal or idea of what “having it all” would look like for them.

Many people want to literally be able to do anything they want whenever they want, without any sacrifices. (I mean, come on, doesn’t that sound nice?)

Unfortunately, that is where most people get it wrong.

Why You Can't Have it All | But Also How You Eventually Can


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You DO have to sacrifice.

You have to be patient and work hard for what you want.

You have to live through different seasons of life and enjoy what you have going on in the moment.

There should be a journey, with some struggles along the way, that takes you to this awesome place where you truly have it all – whatever that may mean to you.

How I have come to accept my current season of life.

As a stay at home mom, I have come to finally realize and understand that all those things I want to do in my life are eventually going to happen, but it might just take a little longer to get there.

I have so many ideas and projects and dreams that I want to be working on every day, but that is dumb.  When you are taking care of two small kids, you literally just don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything you want to.

Most days I would get so anxious and worked up over what I was NOT accomplishing that I really wasn’t doing anything at all.

No progress was being made.

I have started making weekly goals of tasks I want to accomplish and assigning them to specific days AND times within each day (general times like morning, afternoon, evening).

Some days don’t go as planned but I have also been able to come to terms with that (most of the time).

I move the high priority tasks to a new day and reflect on what I WAS able to accomplish.

I am hoping that this will also allow me to enjoy being home with my kids more since I truly do love my “job”.

I remind myself that they won’t be little and needy forever and I will miss this someday when I have all the free time I could want!

For now, I will sacrifice some of my personal dreams for a longer timeline and a little more time to enjoy my kids.

So, are you willing to work and sacrifice to get yourself there?

Are you willing to let go of instant gratification in exchange for happiness and joy down the road?

Think of someone that you admire or that you truly believe is living the dream.  I want you to ask yourself two things.

  1. Are they really living the dream or does it just appear that way?
  2. How long did it take them to get to this point and what did they have to do to get there?

If you are envying people through their Instagram photos or their Facebook statuses then I encourage you to really think about how that is helpful.

Stop comparing your life to others and get working on moving yourself forward!

Hard work and determination and key traits of truly successful people.

If you asked them where they started, I am sure it would be a very similar story to the one you are living now.

Are you going to keep following the culture of instant gratification for short-term happiness or are you going to change the way you live and strive for long-term joy?

Get up every day and work on those goals.

Make the changes in your life that will bring results.

Stop making excuses and realize that YOU are in charge of your life.

Be the person that others want to be.

And most of all, give yourself a little grace.  Some days will be easier than others.

Take the small steps now and eventually, you will turn around and see the trail that led you to your dreams.

What does this look like for you?

Maybe you are drowning in debt from impulsive spending and lack of financial organization.

Start a budget. Stop using credit cards.  Get your finances in order.

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Maybe you are struggling with low income and just can’t seem to make ends meet.

Learn how to reduce your grocery bill.  Cut costs in creative ways.  Find new ways to bring in income.

Maybe you are a mom who just can’t seem to get ahead.

Set up a morning routine.  Get on a schedule.  Let things go.  Ask for help.

Whatever your struggle may be, remember that as long as you are actively taking steps to overcome it, you will eventually come out the other side.

If you want to be able to look back on your life and feel like you accomplished something then chase those dreams and put in the hard work.

Make your life something worth remembering.

One day when you “have it all” you will be glad for the hard times and sacrifices you had to make.

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