What to Pack When Traveling with a Baby

With a new baby on the way I am getting nervous about our impending vacations, this is a great checklist for what to know when traveling with a baby to print out and have handy!

What to Pack When Traveling with a Baby

Everyone who has traveled with a baby knows that you basically triple the amount of stuff you used to take with you when traveling with a baby.  We went on approximately 5 out of town trips with E before she was 6 months old and I felt like I basically had to pack up everything and anything I might possibly need, because you never know, right?  The first time I think I packed too much but I had made a list so the next time I was able to look at the list and see what I actually used and didn’t use.  It definitely got better the more I did it, but honestly we still ended up bringing a crazy amount of stuff!  You are not going to find all the things you need to take care of a baby in a hotel and I really do not want to have to go out and buy something that I have sitting at home and knew I should have packed.  The initial list I created came in handy and I was able to reuse it and tailor it to our needs as time went by.  It also saved us money because I think I only had to buy a total of two things for E on all those trips – one being a pack of diapers when we flew to Cali because those just take up too much space.

Since we plan on having more kids in the future and I figured other new moms would inevitably be going through the same thing I typed up my list and turned it into a nice little printable! I included a variety of items that should cover most needs for a baby birth-12 months.

What to Pack When Traveling with a Baby

I personally like to write down exactly how many of each item I need to bring before I even start packing since I usually end up packing the night before and that way it is a no brainer on what to grab and put in the bag.  So I included lines before each item so you can use the list as either a true checklist or you can put the number of the item you need in that space.

There are a lot of things right?  I think we always ended up with 2-3 bags just for E plus all the items that don’t fit in the bag like the pack and play, stroller, etc.  I will say that as the baby gets older you will need less things because they won’t need as many change of clothes and they can get by with less “stuff” in general if need be.

The most important things to always be sure are packed are the items that your baby needs to sleep and any medical items.  Sleep is the big thing that gets disturbed when you travel so if you can make their environment as close to the one that they would have at home then you are more likely than not to get them to sleep on a similar if not same schedule as normal.  For example, I had NO idea that they made mattresses for the pack and play! She never complained because she didn’t know any different than the thick blanket I would lay her on, but I recently bought a quilted mattress pad for the pack and play and the last time we went out of town she seemed much more comfortable…oh the things you learn with the first child! I also always bring the thermometer and some basic medicines just in case. I have only had to use these things once when I was not already expecting to and it was so nice not having to run to the store.

If you would like to download the list to use for yourself, check it out here.

Anyone have great tips for reducing the amount of stuff you have too bring for a baby?

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