Rustic Liquor Display

When we first moved into our townhouse, Michael tried to convince me that we needed a bar in our already tiny “man cave”.  He wanted to buy a certain family member’s bar but I politely declined for him 🙂  However, after having the liquor handles and accessories lining the floor and the TV stand, I was pretty fed up and wished we had a bar.  Being the crafty husband that he is, Michael came up with an awesome Christmas gift idea for our brother-in-law, Jason.  He made him a liquor and beer stein display made completely from an old pallet.  In the craziness of Christmas, I did not get a very good photo of it, but fortunately Michael loved it so much that he made one for himself!  Now our liquor bottles aren’t cluttering up the TV stand and Michael’s rock glasses have a great place to be displayed for everyone to see – and finally use!

Updated: Here is our bar area in our new house.  The liquor display was paired up with an awesome 18th century mantel to create a mini bar!

Rustic Liquor Display

What do you think?  Pretty nice for a small space!


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