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Warding is the backbone of winning: Quoting Sun Tzu in wardnig Art of War: There are many things to think about in each game, but even if you play a blind monk map visibility is a priority! There are three lookking reasons to ward: Each of these personal classifieds melbourne is essential to victory, but theory is no use just looking and warding experience! The Top Laner is a lone wolf, fighting his battles without aid from the team during the early stages of the game.

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In most games, there will be occasional interaction with Junglers, annd with Mid and very rarely with Bot. Warding Totem is the only real choice for starting trinket on Top.

Personally, I often hold onto to a Warding Totem the whole game long, because I split push frequently and having two reliable wards is awesome. Occasionally upgrading to Farsight is a just looking and warding idea: Here you can see the areas you need to watch when playing as Blue Side.

There are two priority spots: These are also ans best places to check with your Control Ward. The 5 ward can be used to spot the Jungler for the information or to coordinate just looking and warding invade. In addition, the river is commonly warded and you need to be aware of the position of both the enemy Jungler and Mid.

To make things easier, remember to crowd control the Crab! Such effects last twice as long against her, and cause her to take bonus damage, plus permanently lose armor and magic resist.

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One final tip: These are the areas you need to ward early when playing from Purple Side. The spots are the same, but the prioritization and reasons differ!

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The 1 red spot is perhaps most important: Sometimes running towards river is the best way to escape. Among situational wards, 1 can be used to protect your Jungler just like on Blue Side.

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A good time to ward is when the enemy Top has left the lane and is soon to return. Lastly, 5 is anc for the same reason as on Blue Side!

As we enter the mid game, warding becomes more complex because so many variables are added! Qarding time wears on, towers are destroyed, players roam, and pressure mounts to take key objectives… If you want a more complete just looking and warding of the options, check out my Bot Lane guide as well!

Just looking and warding

There are two primary aggressive priorities ; both of these are places that are smart to check with a Control Ward. As for the defensive prioritiesControl Ward and Just looking and warding Totem at 1 is usually enough for the mid wardinv.

There are a lot of situational warding spots: Finally, remember to keep vision over Baron once the game has gone long enough! Many of the loooing just looking and warding the same from the prior section: Ideally, a teammate will cover 1 so you can ward 2 and one of the other situational spots.

The defensive priorities are similar to those for Blue side; your goals should be directly linked to the condition of your inner towers. If they still hold, try to ward at lookimg if it has fallen, 1.

Warding is a tremendously complex game within a game, but it offers many ways to outplay the enemy. I hope you learned from my Warding Guides, and keep just looking and warding eye out for the next part in a couple weeks… Remember, warding keeps you safe: