IKEA Semi-Hack: Nightstands

After we got married, Michael and I bought a bed but had pretty much no other bedroom furniture.  My parents bought me two of these IKEA Rast dressers for one of my birthdays.  I had seen this post on Pinterest where this woman took these super cheap pine dressers and turned them into really pretty nightstands so I decided to take a stab at it!  We are were going for a gray/blue color scheme in our room with lots of neutral colors and pops of yellow. Now we have replaced blue and yellow with coral.  We opted for Classic Gray from Minwax as our stain of choice.

Since I am still new to this and do not remember to take before or in process pictures yet, you just get to see the (semi) finished product!  Take a look at IKEA’s site if you want to see how plain they were beforehand.

IKEA Dresser as Side Table
We LOVE them!
I think the neutral colors of the lights go really great with the gray.


We really like the weathered look that the stain created.


All the knobs are from Hobby Lobby at 50% off!
We also added scrapbook paper to line the drawers using ModPodge.Someday we plan on adding a finished top and perhaps something to the bottom since it has that weird lip piece.  What do you think?
Updated: We still use these in our bedroom in our new house.  We have not added anything to the dressers and we were a little worried how they would look with the gray wall but we are still enjoying them!
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