IKEA Hack: Storage Ottoman

I am pretty excited about this hack that we did with a $2 scrap piece from IKEA.  Michael has been using this IKEA shelf/box thing as a nightstand for a few years now.  He found it in the damaged/scrap section.  We decided to turn it into a storage ottoman.  We really wanted one for the end of our bed, and while this is a bit too small for our king size bed – it will do for now!  And in the future we plan on turning it into a toy box 🙂

Here is what we started with, basically just a box with no top.

Then Michael created some legs using 2×4 and some legs we found at Home Depot.  He also created a top for the opening out of plywood.  At this point I was pretty impressed already.
Then I did one coat of primer and two coats of paint – Bahama Breeze I believe.  I also picked out a fabric and did my first ever upholstery project, however we have decided that the fabric isn’t really what we want so we are now on the hunt for something with more yellow in it.  I didn’t get any photos at these stages, but I did get some from last night when Michael added the crown molding.  This is an in action, right before bed shot.
And finally, we have the finished product!
Here is the bench in the room – I think the color was a bold choice but I really enjoy it!
Here is a little closer up picture of the fabric. I really like the fabric but I don’t like it next to the bedspread.
Let’s do a quick before and after:



Pretty awesome if I do say so myself!  When we get our new fabric I think we will add an extra layer of foam to make it a little thicker on top – I just was not sure how much to buy at first.  We are planning on converting this to a toy box very soon.
And this turned out so great that when I was at IKEA this weekend, I found another but slightly larger piece of wood EXACTLY the same.  Coffee table here we come!
Have you had any awesome “junk” finds recently that you were able to turn into something awesome?

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