How to Organize Tools When You Don’t Have a Garage

This will be perfect for my empty wall in the basement! I am always telling my husband that he needs to figure out how to organize tools that are currently EVERYWHERE.

How to Organize Tools When You Don’t Have a Garage

We do not have a garage.  We knew that was a sacrifice when we bought our house a year and a half ago.  I think it is probably something my husband curses on a weekly basis.  However, he has made do by transforming our shed into his “fortress of solitude” for all the big items and I helped out the small tool organization situation by coming up with this idea for how to organize tools by turning part of our laundry room into tool storage – sort of a mini garage area!

Let’s start with the state of the laundry room when we moved in.  It is a bit of an awkward space.  It has a very narrow “hallway” that opens to a larger space where the washer and dryer live and some space under the stairs (also where the water heater is).

IMG_2109There were two IKEA cabinets that were covered in a gross film and this weird counter/table thing.  We decided we could easily clean and use the IKEA cabinets but the counter had to go!

IMG_2110Once everything was removed we found this lovely shade of green underneath and had created a large hole in the wall.  Having just bought a house (this was the second day we were living in it) we I decided to paint the room a purple that we already had and had never used.  We did not have to spend money on paint and I got a purple room in the house…win-win!

IMG_2113After painting and cleaning the cabinets we installed them on the opposite wall.  We decided that this would make the room flow a bit better by having one large wall open on the right.  Michael set to work making a workspace/folding counter to run the length of the wall on the left.

IMG_5639We added hardware to the cabinets, put up some IKEA floating shelves that we already had, bought some cute boxes from HomeGoods and put our now useless bar stools in there to have a seating area when necessary.

I realized quickly while we were doing minor house maintenance that we really needed some tool organization in our lives INSIDE the house.  I also wanted to be able to see what we had available and find tools quickly.  I came up with the peg board idea after seeing some in garages.  I figured we could create a “garage space” in our laundry room.  We bought some peg board and the organizer pieces and Michael set to work organizing his tools.

Tool OrganizationWe put craft items in the top cabinet and in the bottom one we put paint supplies, cleaners, gardening equipment, gloves and all those other products you find in a garage.  All of the big tools are out in the “fortress of solitude” but this is great when we need to grab something to use in the house or out on the deck.

Tool OrganizationI have thought about painting a design or stencil on the pegboard but so far I think the white is fine.  We installed the boards about a year ago and so far they have stayed fairly organized.  I think it is one of the better organizational ideas that I have come up with but definitely has room for improvement.

Tool Organization


Let’s take a look at that before and after one more time!

LaundryRoomBeforeAfter - Tool OrganizationThis is a really simple project to implement in a day.  If you have some blank wall space in an office, garage, shed, or laundry room then it is super easy to hang and organize the pegboards.  I was also very excited to be able to complete this whole transformation – not just the tool organization – with very little new purchases.  This could be used for craft and office supplies as well.  I have even thought of doing something like that on the opposite wall…but that might be too much peg for one room 🙂

Does anyone else have a room that they painted their favorite color just because you could?  Let me know if you have used a pegboard for any cool organization projects!


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