Four Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

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When I quit my job as a teacher to stay home with my daughter, I always had a vague plan in the back of my mind that I would look for ways to make money as a stay-at-home mom.

Just because you are at home with your kids all day, does not mean you cannot contribute some supplemental income if that is something you are interested in.  There are tons of ways to make money from home online that could be completed on your own schedule.Make Money as a Stay At Home Mom

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Below are three ways I make money online and one bonus way I make extra money each month (not online)!

User Testing

This is by far the easiest way, in my opinion, to make a little extra money on the side.

As a user tester, you will be given a list of available tests.  Once you confirm if you qualify for a test you select, you will be asked to complete a series of tasks or answer questions based on a prototype or mockup of a website.

Most tests can be completed within 10 minutes and they will warn you if you are expected to spend a certain time frame on a test or if a test is expected to take more than the average time.

For many of the completed tests, you are paid $10, while some only pay $3 – but these are never long tests at all.  That means you are making $10 for 10-15 minutes of your time!

The catch is that some of the tests fill up fast and you don’t always qualify for each test.

When you have some time to work on tests (you will need to be sure it is noise-free in the area you are testing), I suggest turning your computer volume on and working on something else while listening for the notification that tells you a test is available.  See if you qualify for the test and if you do not, go back to what you are doing.

I would say you could easily get through 5-6 tests a week which can add up to be $200 a month for maybe 5 hours of your time!

Mystery Shopping

There are tons of mystery shopping sites out there, but the one I have used and like, for the most part, is The Source (formerly TrendSource).  While technically, you review and interact with your projects online, you will have to go into physical stores to complete the tasks as a mystery shopper.

The reason I like doing this is because it is super easy to be a mystery shopper when you have kids, in the sense that no one expects that you are there as a mystery shopper.

For the most part, you are given a location of a store and some tasks you need to complete or pictures you need to take.  Additionally, you are usually required to make a small purchase to prove that you did indeed actually go to the store.

Usually, I can make $9-12 per project I accept.  I have also received a couple free pizzas just for using the delivery feature of the company.

Mystery shopping can be fun and usually does not take more than 15-20 minutes of your time – you can time your outing when you are already out running errands!

This one will probably get you a little less per month, maybe 2-3 projects per week so around $100 a month.

Start a Blog

Blogging has the potential for HUGE rewards, but it does require a lot of work.  If you have a computer with an Internet connection and a topic you are passionate about, then you can start a blog for little to no start-up cost.

I like blogging because I can set my own hours and the work I put into it is directly related to any successes I have.

Whether you want to write about sewing, cooking, baking, living a vegan lifestyle, finances, cleaning, make-up, fashion, etc, the potential is out there for you to make a full-time income.  All while staying home with your kids.

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Substitute Teaching

As a former teacher, this was a little easier for me to get started doing after I was staying home, but I definitely recommend it if you are able to have child care once a week or so.  In the county that I substitute teach in, I can make $70 a day essentially “babysitting” kids.

As a former teacher and current substitute teacher, I know that most teachers are really just looking for someone competent enough to follow their plan for the day (which usually involves handing out an assignment and collecting it) and keeping the students alive while they are in your classroom. BONUS if you can actually teach something or help the students with the material.

I mainly sub for high school, as that is what I am used to, but you can usually choose which level you would like to be a substitute for.

While $70 a day does not sound like a lot, if you do this once a week, that is around $300 a month.  Many times, you are able to bring a book to read or work on something while the students are working.

There are many other ways you could make money as a stay at home mom, these are just ones I have specifically tried out.  Don’t let the fear of losing income keep you from staying home with your kids if that is truly something you want to be able to do!  While you might not be able to make back your salary immediately, there are definitely ways you can make that goal a reality!

Do you have any ways that you like to make some extra money from home?

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