How to Get Started Gardening

Do you have a garden?  Have you ever thought of trying out gardening? Gardens can be an excellent source of food in the summer and can save you money as well!  I tried out gardening for the first time in the spring of 2013.  We lived in a townhouse with an extremely sunny backyard and I had lots of time on my hands so I decided to try creating a small garden. My husband helped me build a small raised bed (although it was not technically “raised”).  I think it was 6×4? We just used simple pressure-treated wood to build […]

How to Get Started Gardening

How to Organize Tools When You Don’t Have a Garage

How to Organize Tools When You Don’t Have a Garage We do not have a garage.  We knew that was a sacrifice when we bought our house a year and a half ago.  I think it is probably something my husband curses on a weekly basis.  However, he has made do by transforming our shed into his “fortress of solitude” for all the big items and I helped out the small tool organization situation by coming up with this idea for how to organize tools by turning part of our laundry room into tool storage – sort of a mini […]

Rustic Liquor Display

When we first moved into our townhouse, Michael tried to convince me that we needed a bar in our already tiny “man cave”.  He wanted to buy a certain family member’s bar but I politely declined for him 🙂  However, after having the liquor handles and accessories lining the floor and the TV stand, I was pretty fed up and wished we had a bar.  Being the crafty husband that he is, Michael came up with an awesome Christmas gift idea for our brother-in-law, Jason.  He made him a liquor and beer stein display made completely from an old pallet. […]

IKEA Semi-Hack: Nightstands

After we got married, Michael and I bought a bed but had pretty much no other bedroom furniture.  My parents bought me two of these IKEA Rast dressers for one of my birthdays.  I had seen this post on Pinterest where this woman took these super cheap pine dressers and turned them into really pretty nightstands so I decided to take a stab at it!  We are were going for a gray/blue color scheme in our room with lots of neutral colors and pops of yellow. Now we have replaced blue and yellow with coral.  We opted for Classic Gray from Minwax […]

IKEA Hack: Storage Ottoman

I am pretty excited about this hack that we did with a $2 scrap piece from IKEA.  Michael has been using this IKEA shelf/box thing as a nightstand for a few years now.  He found it in the damaged/scrap section.  We decided to turn it into a storage ottoman.  We really wanted one for the end of our bed, and while this is a bit too small for our king size bed – it will do for now!  And in the future we plan on turning it into a toy box 🙂 Here is what we started with, basically just […]