How to Start a Budget

5 Steps to Start a Budget

Did you know that approximately one in three Americans keep and follow a budget each month? This means that the majority of the country does not budget their finances.  I believe that there are two main reasons that people do not create a budget – the first being that they do not know how to start a budget and the second being that they are scared what creating a budget will tell them about their financial situation.  Today I am going to talk about how to overcome the first problem.  Below are my five easy steps to start a budget! 1.  Calculate an accurate number for the […]

How to Track and Manage Your Budget

If you are just getting started and do not have a budget created yet, be sure to check out my first post about creating your budget. Now that you have created your budget and started to get organized in the planning of your budget each month, it is time to learn to track and manage your budget.  Getting in the habit of checking in with your budget and your spending on a weekly, or even daily basis, is going to take some practice.  When I was first getting started in tracking my budget, I used a spreadsheet.  I still use a […]

How to Plan Your Monthly Budget

If you have not created a budget yet, or are interested in how I suggest creating a budget, go ahead and check out my first post in the series to get yourself started! Alright, so you have determined your monthly income, listed out your mandatory and discretionary expenses, and balanced your budget to ZERO for your first month.  But how do you keep yourself organized and accountable to creating a new budget each and every month BEFORE the new month begins?  What you will need to follow along is a calendar (preferably one that you can write on), your piece […]